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We know that God has called us to start a movement right in the middle of Granada, Spain, by connecting and raising people up to know who they are in Christ on a heart level. Our burn is to see out that people know their Lord and Savior to this extent without compromise.

This vision to birth a movement was inspired by God that we reach out particularly in the universities by demonstrating powerful acts of love. Even though the veil of religion is heavily present in Granada, God has already torn one veil and we know that He is doing it again.

The root of why we’re doing this is because we hate seeing souls lost in a spiritually desolate place and people living and being unaware of their potential as children of God. Overall, we exist to make an impact in this city.


  • Exercising Marketplace Ministry by constantly making ourselves available

  • Educate and invest in students’ lives through opportunities to privately teach English

  • Hosting spirit lead Bible studies right in the heart of the University campus

  • Collaborating with our affiliated Church in Granada and working side by side with them

Want to know more?

Please see our “About” page to read more on Granada and our affiliations.