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Granada, Spain

Historically, this city has been known for its deep roots in not only Catholicism, but in Islam as well. In what was known as the Muslim capital of the world, Granada still has a dominate presence of its past remaining today. BBC* news refers to Granada as a “Moorish Revival” that has taken place over the past several decades due to the North African Muslim Influence. We believe, the mix of these two influences for so long has primed Granada for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to see the hearts of the people there to turn to their Savior, friend and Almighty God in a radical way.

Our Affiliations

Spanish Missions is honored to be partnered and affiliated with Vizion Church, located in Charlotte, NC and Fuego Vivo, based in Granada, Spain. These churches see the value in working hand in hand with Spanish missionaries, Joseph Johnson, and Teresa Romero, in the calling the Lord has placed over their lives. Both Joseph and Teresa have a strong connection with the pastors placed over both institutions. Thanks to these strong relationships, Spanish Missions understands the importance of accountability, responsibility, and above all submission to authority under an umbrella such as this.

Vizion Church

Fuego Vivo

*BBC News Article “Moorish Revival in Southern Spain”, July 2010

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